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Russia Blames Israel for Syrian Missile Downing Russian Plane

Voice of America - 4 hours 13 min ago
Russia's Defense Ministry says "hostile" actions by Israeli fighter jet pilots led to Syrian air defense systems shooting down a Russian military reconnaissance plane. Russian military spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Tuesday that Israeli forces were carrying out an attack in Syria's Latakia province when they hid behind the Russian plane, using it to shield themselves from Syrian missiles. Konashenkov said an S-200 missile brought down the Russian plane,...
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Kurdish Militants Vow 'New Resistance' Against Iran Following Missile Attacks

Voice of America - Tue, 09/18/2018 - 05:05
Iranian Kurdish militants who were targeted by Iranian missile strikes earlier this month at a headquarters in Iraqi Kurdistan have declared intentions to step up their activities against the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The rocket strikes, claimed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), hit Democratic Party of Kurdistan of Iran (KDPI) offices in the Iraqi Kurdistan town of Koya, near the Iran border, on September 8.  KDPI said 15 of its members were killed and several...
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Merkel, Algerian Officials Discuss Migration, Libya

Voice of America - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 23:09
German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Monday during a one-day visit to the country to discuss migration and the situation in neighboring Libya. Algeria's official APS news agency reported the meeting happened in the presence Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia and other government members. The discussions take on particular significance before April's presidential election in Algeria. No candidate has yet emerged because everyone is...
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 Syrian Government Vows to ‘Liberate’ Idlib from ‘Terrorists’

Voice of America - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 22:55
Syria appears to be rejecting urgent calls to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in its northern Idlib enclave, the country's last rebel-held area. Despite appeals by the U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria, the government says it is determined to do whatever it takes to root out “terrorists.” Military attacks by Syria and its Russian ally against Idlib have been increasing in frequency and intensity during the past weeks. The United Nations reports dozens of people, including...
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Erdogan, Putin Strike Deal on Idlib Demilitarized Zone

Voice of America - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 21:10
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin say they have reached an agreement that averts a looming military offensive on the Syrian rebel-held Idlib enclave. "We will prevent a humanitarian tragedy which could happen as a result of military action," Erdogan said after Monday's talks at the Russian Black Sea Sochi resort. The two leaders agreed to create a 15 to 20 kilometer demilitarized zone in the Syrian enclave. Putin claimed the...
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Israel to Approve Immigration for 1,000 Ethiopian Jews

Voice of America - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 19:47
The Israeli government announced Monday that it agreed to absorb 1,000 Ethiopian Jews — accepting just a fraction of the African country's 8,000 remaining Jews who want to move to Israel.   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that a special committee had agreed to allow community members who already have children in Israel to immigrate. It was not clear what will happen to the remaining 7,000 people.   Alisa Bodner, a spokeswoman for Struggle for Ethiopian Aliyah, a...
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Turkey's Erdogan Receives $400 Million Luxury Jet From Qatar

Voice of America - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 19:43
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan received a $400 million luxury jet from the emir of Qatar last week, triggering a wave of criticism from political opponents. In response, Erdogan Monday said the luxury Boeing 747-8 was a "gift" from Emir Tamim Bin Hamad Bin al-Thani, rejecting claims the aircraft had been purchased. The Turkish leader told reporters Ankara had been interested in buying the plane, but that the emir insisted on offering it as a gift. Erdogan also...
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Last Stand: Syria's Rebel Idlib Prepares for Losing Battle

Voice of America - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 19:25
They dug trenches around towns, reinforced caves for cover and put up sand bags around their positions. They issued calls to arms, urging young men to join in the defense of Idlib, the Syrian province where opposition fighters expect to make their last stand against Russian- and Iranian-backed government troops they have fought for years. This time, it's "surrender or die." As the decisive stand for their last stronghold looms, this motley crew of tens of thousands of...
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Saudi Sovereign Fund Invests $1 Billion in US Electric Car Firm

Voice of America - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 18:31
Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund invested $1 billion Monday in an American electric car manufacturer just weeks after Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier claimed the kingdom would help his own firm go private. Tesla stock dropped Monday on reaction to the news, the same day that the Saudi fund announced it had taken its first loan, an $11 billion borrowing from global banks as it tries to expand its investments. The Saudi Public Investment Fund said it would invest the $1 billion in...
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After the Battle: A Warning From Mosul

NY Times Iraq - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 12:00
Organized combat in Iraq’s second city ended more than a year ago, but the city remains crippled by deadly munitions that still lie hidden beneath huge mounds of rubble.
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Israeli Lawmaker to PM: Dismiss US Envoy Over Aide Scandal

Voice of America - Mon, 09/17/2018 - 04:01
 An Israeli opposition lawmaker on Sunday called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to dismiss his ambassador to the United States for failing to report sexual assault allegations against a top Netanyahu aide, ballooning an already embarrassing scandal for the Israeli leader. Karin Elharrar of the centrist Yesh Atid party said Ron Dermer should be recalled from Washington for not reporting the warnings he received about David Keyes, Netanyahu’s spokesman to foreign media. She also...
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Palestinian Stabs American-Israeli Man to Death in West Bank

Voice of America - Sun, 09/16/2018 - 18:19
A Palestinian assailant on Sunday fatally stabbed a well-known Israeli settler to death Sunday at a busy mall in the West Bank. The victim was identified as Ari Fuld, a U.S.-born activist who was popular in the local community and an outspoken Israel advocate on social media platforms. The military said the attacker arrived at the mall near a major junction in the southern West Bank, close to the Gush Etzion settlement bloc, and stabbed the Fuld before fleeing. Video footage showed...
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UN: Street Protests Escalate in Iraq's Basra Governorate

Voice of America - Sun, 09/16/2018 - 17:17
The U.N. human rights office reports street protests over the lack of basic services in Iraq's Basra Governorate are escalating as the government fails to meet the population's rising discontent. Iraqis living in Basra have many grievances.   Since July they have been protesting the absence of basic services, electricity and water shortages, as well as the heavy pollution, and lack of jobs.   The U.N. human rights office says it is worried by the escalation of...
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Kurds Opt Out of First Local Elections in Syria Since 2011

Voice of America - Sun, 09/16/2018 - 16:14
Syria held its first municipal elections since 2011 on Sunday, amid tensions with the country's self-administered Kurdish region, which refused to allow polls. Turnout was modest at stations in the Syrian capital and candidates aligned with the ruling Baath party were expected to win. The Baath party has controlled Syria's political and security apparatuses since the 1960s. Hassan Taraqji, a Baath candidate in Damascus, said reconstruction was a top priority for voters after...
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UNICEF: Education a Major Casualty of Yemen's War

Voice of America - Sun, 09/16/2018 - 14:47
The school year in Yemen is officially underway.  But, the U.N. children's fund reports the country's ongoing civil war is keeping millions of children out of the classroom.  More than three years of fighting between the Yemeni government and Houthi rebels is having a devastating impact on children's health and well-being. The U.N. reports more than 11 million children or 80 percent of the country's children are dependent upon humanitarian aid. Another major...
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Doomed Palestinian Village Turns to Its Last Hope: Europe

Voice of America - Sun, 09/16/2018 - 11:27
For the anxious Palestinian residents of Khan al-Ahmar, there’s little left to do but wait. After the West Bank hamlet lost its last legal protection against demolition late last week, Israeli forces could swoop any day now to tear down the desert community’s few dozen shacks and an Italian-funded schoolhouse made from recycled tires. Some hold out hope that Israel might be deterred by an inevitable international outcry over razing the community. Major European countries have...
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Syria: Israel Launched Missile Attack on Damascus Airport

Voice of America - Sun, 09/16/2018 - 02:23
Israel attacked Damascus International Airport with missiles Saturday night, Syrian state media said, adding that air defenses shot down some of them. A war monitoring group said the attack targeted an arms depot for Iranian forces or Lebanon's Hezbollah group. Explosions during the attack were heard across Damascus. The state news agency SANA posted pictures showing what appeared to be air defenses firing into the air. State media quoted an unidentified military official as...
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Tehran Knocks Paris Police Response to Embassy Attack

Voice of America - Sun, 09/16/2018 - 01:39
Iran's Foreign Ministry on Saturday said that extremists were responsible for an attack on Tehran's embassy in Paris the day before, and that the city police's response to the attack was slow and weak. Iran's official IRNA news agency quoted ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi as saying officers did not arrive quickly after the disturbance was reported. He said the troublemakers were members of an extremist organization, but he did not identify the group, IRNA...
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UNHCR: $270M Needed for Syrian Refugees, Displaced

Voice of America - Sat, 09/15/2018 - 15:28
The U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) warns it is running out of cash to provide life-saving assistance to millions of Syrian refugees and internally displaced living in dire and extremely precarious conditions. UNHCR says it urgently needs $270 million to make it through the end of the year.  This, it says, will provide millions of vulnerable people living inside and outside war-torn Syria with the vital aid and protection they need to survive the rigors of the oncoming winter...
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Israel-Palestinian Peace Elusive Under Trump Administration

Voice of America - Sat, 09/15/2018 - 09:21
Twenty-five years after Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization signed the Oslo Peace Accords that raise hopes for a comprehensive settlement, experts say peace in the Middle East is as elusive as ever. And as VOA Diplomatic Correspondent Cindy Saine reports, some of those experts caution that the Trump administration has lost the trust of Palestinians to be an honest broker in the conflict through several recent actions.
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