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Turkish Airstrike in Iraqi Territory Kills a Kurdish Militant Leader

Fri, 08/17/2018 - 04:25
The attack killed Zaki Shingali, a leader of a group that Turkey calls a terrorist organization, but he was considered a hero to the Yazidi minority in Iraq for his efforts to help them.
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ISIS Member Arrested in Sacramento, U.S. Says

Thu, 08/16/2018 - 05:32
Omar Ameen, 45, who is also a longtime member of Al Qaeda, lied to obtain refugee status in 2014, prosecutors say.
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Iraqi Leader Offers to Help Family of Spy Who Infiltrated ISIS

Tue, 08/14/2018 - 23:05
Relatives of the spy, who was killed behind enemy lines, have struggled to receive death benefits without his body as legal proof of death.
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On the Ground in Afghanistan and Iraq

Tue, 08/14/2018 - 12:00
C.J. Chivers’s “The Fighters” provides gut-wrenching descriptions of the battles in the Middle East.
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The Iraqi Spy Who Infiltrated ISIS

Sun, 08/12/2018 - 09:59
The story of the mole who posed as a jihadist in the Islamic State, and the most important antiterrorism agency that most people have never heard of.
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British Museum to Return Looted Antiquities to Iraq

Fri, 08/10/2018 - 19:41
The items, which include clay cones with cuneiform inscriptions, were seized by the British police in 2003 from a now-defunct London art dealer.
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War Without End

Wed, 08/08/2018 - 12:00
The Pentagon’s failed campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan left a generation of soldiers with little to fight for but one another.
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Justice Dept. Investigating Claims That Drug Companies Funded Terrorism in Iraq

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 03:12
In a filing, AstraZeneca said the case was related to a suit that accused five companies of giving the Iraqi health ministry drugs and devices that were then sold to fund attacks.
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After Protests, Iraq’s Leader Suspends Electricity Minister Over Blackouts

Sun, 07/29/2018 - 20:42
Despite billions of dollars spent since the 2003 United States-led invasion, many Iraqi cities and towns experience severe power cuts and rolling blackouts.
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Picturing Iraq in a Bygone Era

Mon, 07/16/2018 - 11:00
When his career began in the 1950s, Latif Al Ani captured scenes of Iraqi life in a more innocent time.
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Raqqa Was the Capital of ISIS. Can It Ever Be Home Again?

Thu, 07/12/2018 - 01:25
Two-thirds of the city is gone, and there isn’t enough money to rebuild. We visited Raqqa, Syria, to see how people are trying to recover their lives.
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Marine General Used His Aide as A.T.M., Laundry Service and Gym Attendant

Mon, 07/09/2018 - 20:00
A senior Marine is the subject of an inspector-general report for asking his aide to lend him money and run personal errands for him.
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ISIS May Be Waning, but Global Threats of Terrorism Continue to Spread

Fri, 07/06/2018 - 12:00
The U.S. and its allies are still waging a shadow war against a wide range of terrorist threats despite the Islamic State’s defeat in Iraq and Syria.
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Islamic State Says Its Leader’s Son Was Killed in Syria

Wed, 07/04/2018 - 03:25
Hudhayfah al-Badri, a son of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed in the central Syrian province of Homs, the Islamic State’s news agency announced.
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The Case of the Purloined Poultry: How ISIS Prosecuted Petty Crime

Mon, 07/02/2018 - 01:00
Hundreds of records left behind by the Islamic State reveal how the group won points with the populace by resolving minor disputes.
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Britain Abetted U.S. Torture of Terrorism Suspects, Parliament Finds

Thu, 06/28/2018 - 15:32
A four-year investigation by a committee of Parliament found hundreds of cases in which agents knew or suspected that detainees were abused, but did not object.
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Iraqi Political Alliance Unites a U.S. Friend and Foe

Sun, 06/24/2018 - 01:58
The outgoing Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, an American ally, has teamed up with the radical cleric Moktada al-Sadr, who was the surprise vote-leader in elections.
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Iraq Says It Bombed a Meeting of Islamic State Leaders in Syria

Sat, 06/23/2018 - 17:43
The military said fighter jets had destroyed three houses just across the border, killing high-profile targets such as the group’s so-called deputy war minister.
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Iraqi Court Backs Recount of All Ballots Cast in Last Month’s Elections

Thu, 06/21/2018 - 20:24
Iraqi authorities have been struggling to address allegations that fraud marred the May voting.
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At OPEC Meeting, U.S. Pressure Frays Uneasy Agreement

Wed, 06/20/2018 - 20:02
Cooperation between several longtime rivals has helped increase oil prices in recent months. But that coordination now looks to be at risk.
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